Rotary Trolley Cranes

As Wimac Crane Engineering, we are able to help you carry and remove loads easily and safely with our rotary hoist crane systems. As Wimac Crane Systems, you can get high performance even in the most demanding conditions with our easily assembled and easily used rotary hoist cranes.

All rotating hoist cranes we manufacture are used in accordance with FEM, DIN and ISO norms. We also use the same quality and standard in all our products with our CE and ISO certificates.

Rotary hoist cranes can be controlled by remote control systems. U and S-shaped profiles can easily walk and carry the load carrying process. It is used in the areas where monorail cranes and overhead cranes cannot be installed and gives the best performance. In addition, we use rotating hoist cranes, on our cranes we specially use best motors and best reducer elements to provide the start-stop stability.

Particularly galvanise producers, iron foundry casting producers, tanker producers are preferring tho get the high effiecient. Wimac Crane coating the rotary hoisting trolley cranes with best paints producers worldwide.