As Wimac Crane Systems, we are able to assist you in transporting and unloading tonnage loads easily and safely with our single girder gantry systems. Wimac Crane Systems, single girder gantry cranes, such as the manufacture, sales, assembly and spare parts of all services we have. Our single beam gantry cranes can also be used on 2 – 3 or more crane single beam.

Our single girder gantry cranes are generally used in outdoor areas. In addition, it is easy to use in closed areas. Especially in the production and stockpiling of iron and steel, in shipyards, ports, forestry products manufacturing and stocking, marble firms, especially in many areas of manufacturing, stock and transportation is used.

All single girder gantry cranes that we manufacture are used in accordance with FEM, DIN and ISO norms. We also use the same quality and standard in all our products with our CE and ISO certificates.

Our single girder gantry cranes are controlling by remote controls systems. Besides the reducers and motors supply the soft take offs and stops through those high quality products.

All of our single girder gantry cranes are designed according to usage area. Our single girder gantry cranes offer special primer and paint applications based on working conditions and take precautions against corrosion at world standards.

All the single girder gantry cranes Wimac Crane manufactures are designed according to the usage area and options such as parking brake systems, monitoring systems and wind sensors, light and siren warning systems which can be manually locked according to their usage areas can be used.