About Wimac Crane

Wimac Crane History

With many years of experience, we have gained a reputation as a manufacturer of top quality crane systems. We continue our activities all over the world with the works we do abroad. In addition, all the crane systems we manufacture are made in accordance with these standards with our TSE and CE certificates..

Modern Technologies

In order to provide better service to our customers, we closely follow all technological developments related to our sector. We successfully apply the latest technologies to our crane systems. Every day we are increasing our quality and renewing the design of our cranes and we are manufacturing and assembling the best crane systems.

Professional Team

Through to our experienced and expert team, we design and manufacture special cranes as well as standard crane manufacturing. We make our customers satisfied and offer you the best quality solutions. We are working with our team for many years, continuously expanding and developing our team.

Innovative Solutions

As Wimac Crane, we work with the most qualified personnel and experienced professional staff. We continuously implement innovative solutions and guarantee the best service.

Quality Crane Systems

Successful planning brings quality with our motto, we are on our way with our quality crane systems in every country in Turkey and abroad.

Impressive Designs

As Wimac Cranes, we continuously implement new designs in the construction of our crane systems, and make the designs specific to your company without leaving the lifting standards of the cranes.

Quality, Trust, Speed and Best Solutions in Crane Industry ...

Through our expert, experienced and professional team, we manufacture special crane with your crane manufacturing services and make your satisfaction the best. In addition, after-sales services to provide you with satisfaction and installation process we provide with our own team. Through our 24/7 availability, we are at your side whenever you need.

Wimac Crane Turkey
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